VP44 Bosch pump electronic module repair , Opel 2.0 dti (x20dtl,y20dtl)

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Cars, Cars,bikes, vehicles, Garage, Start
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A lot of opel diesels have problems with Bosch vp44 fuel pumps. Pumps electronic module is crap. It can happen to you that engine will suddenly not start. You can’t just buy it and replace it, you need to rebuild the pump and that costs a lot. So you can to repair electronic module. It is not simple, but you can save a lot of money.

Pump is used in this car models:



When you will connect your obd scanner you should get this dtcs p1651 and p1631 or p1630.


The easiest way is to remove air intake, egr valve, and pump hoses, so you can access pumps electronic.


Then you cut all wires from electronics and unscrew torx screws. Gently lift electronic module and you should see under it a flat cable. This sensor measures pump speed. Unscrew it and make sure that screw won’t fall in pump.

It is wise to cover pump and intake with paper, you really don’t want that something falls in pump or cylinder head.

Secure speed sensor with tape, so it won’t hang off the module.


Then open module very carefully. Don’t even touch sticky gel on electronic, because you can damage tiny wires on them module. On pic you can see problematic fet transistor. On red pads you want to solder wires and than connect them to new transistor from electronics store. You can use IRFZ44N or IRLR2905 FET tranzistor. Maybe the bets option is that you buy SMD FET.

eprom vp44

Make sure you don’t touch anything or damage pads with soldering iron. You should solder it like that.



Then seal electronic with silicone and install it on pump. Solder all wires together. Top wires are on top solenoid. You can connect all wires and check for any dtc codes  with scanners.  Also check the bottom solenoid (timming solenoid), because this FET controls this solenoid.

After you installed everything back you need to bleed fuel system. That is quite challenging. You need good battery and start spray or if you pull your car with tractor or car. This only recommended for cars with timming chain. 

After engine was running it didn’t want to start next day, so I had to bleed system once again. Problem is that this car doesn’t have fuel pump in tank, bosch pump sucks  diesel fuel from tank. So it takes some time to get rid off air bubbles in fuel system.


If you need more information about pump and pumps solenoids, check out this guys posts. Very usefull.











  1. Erfan Zandy says:

    I repaired my pump v44 put LR2905 transistor and replaced it but problem missed the diesel pedal not working what is problem

  2. Erfan Zandy says:

    I have repaired my pump vp44 an put it LR2905 transistor it is ok working but missed the diesel pedal not working what I do?

  3. what is FET? and what is its function?

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